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Scallop bangle
East Meets South Bangle
Three Rings Bangle
Double Ribbed Bangle
Ring Ring Earrings
Abstract Hoop Earrings
Circle Bubble Earrings
Sealed with love.
Link Bracelet
Circle Statement Neckpiece
Simple Rings
Coral Rose Studs
Birthstone Studs
Wreath Heart Earrings
Bold Hoop Earrings
Chinese Snake Necklace
Bold Eye-catching Rings
Circle Bangle
Almond Bracelet
Ribbed Bangle
Ring Ring Bangle
This is My Africa: Bangles Range
Incense bowl.
Little brass spoons.
Landscape Afro comb.
Condiment jar.
Tea jar with brass scoop.
Honey dipper.
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