I’m MichL and this is my jewellery.


My design ethos centres on my personal experiences in life and how it can be reflected in a piece of jewellery. Simplicity and sophistication describes my style, and my hope is for the wearer of my pieces to live every day with a hint of sparkle.


By fusing the excitement of contemporary with the allure of fine art, my range of jewellery is as much at home at a glamorous event as it is around the dinner table or a night out with friends.


Apart from designing and manufacturing jewellery from precious and semi-precious materials, I also use found objects and materials such as telephone (scooby) wire, paper, and fabric. I believe that a fine piece of jewellery brings its wearer to life, and unique once-off pieces only accentuate the personal nature present in an exquisite piece.


So let’s talk jewellery – there’s a design waiting for you.



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