African Staff Brass Spoon II

African Staff Brass Spoon II


Brass sugar spoon with delecate details on the handle, inspired by African ceremonial staffs. 


Size of Spoon: 68mm length.

Capacity of Spoon: Approximately 1/2 tsp.

Total Weight: 5,6g.


    We ship worldwide with FedEx or DHL from Cape Town, South Africa. Shipping takes approximately 5 - 10 working days, and ranges between USD15 - USD35. Shipping charge does not include any import duties or taxes imposed on the package by the receiving country. International orders can enjoy free shipping on purchases over USD350.


    Shipping within South Africa is R70 and local orders can enjoy free shipping on purchases over R1200.


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    Some helpful hints to care for your brass spoon:


    • If the brass comes into contact with wet food items or grease, wash it with a mild detergent immediately after use.


    • Wipe away any excess water so the item will tarnish evenly over time.


    • To bring out the natural lustre of the metal again, rub the whole item in a circular motion, focusing on any dark marks, with a medium to fine grit sandpaper (800 -1200gr) available from all hardware stores. Alternatively, gently scrub your brass item with a paste made of salt and vinegar.


    • For stubborn tarnish marks, soak the item overnight in vinegar diluted with water and sand it with sandpaper of vinegar paste in the morning.


    In the event of experiencing allergic reaction to the brass, discontinue contact with the brass and consult a medial professional immediately.